Visitors of The Log Pile – Moose

bull mooseMaine Bull Moose

I have a great variety of trail camera pictures and videos that were taken at one of my favorite areas on my Maine property which gave to me the idea to create a series of blogs entitled “The Log Pile”. These pictures and videos will show many different and wonderful animals that inhabit this spot. I believe they love all this place as much as I do.

My first blog is a picture of the great Maine Bull Moose. Moose are the official animal of the State of Maine. Personally I refer to them as ‘Royalty’. A few facts I have learned about these regal creatures are: mature bull moose display a full antler rack in the September and October months (I guess I got lucky with this shot), they weigh between 1200-1500 lbs, and have a life span between 15-25 years. Ticks are currently killing 70% of moose calves across Maine. Their coat becomes infested with these tiny blood-sucking animals making it the moose’s biggest enemy.

This particular bull happened by my camera on September 13, 2016 at 6:36 am with the moon being at 1/2 phase and a temperature reading of 45 degrees fahrenheit. This informational bar is just another reason why I love trail cameras! It is a unique feature to these cameras that can be used for many different learning aspects. (A tip to my fellow trailcammers would be to check this feature each time you turn your camera on and off as they may reset themselves back to the default setting.)

Stay tuned for the next installment of “The Log Pile”.

bull moose

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