Nature’s Notebook

By mounting camouflage cameras on my woodlot I have been able to learn firsthand about the wildlife that use my property not only as their home but as their hunting ground. By analyzing the data I have accumulated from these cameras, I have gained knowledge not only about wildlife survival tactics, interaction with other wildlife they share the forest with, but how they maneuver during the different seasons. The animals that inhabit our Northeast American States must learn to adapt to outdoor life not only in the prettiest seasons (in my opinion Fall ) but also some of the harshest Winter weather conditions. The Winter months of Maine can blanket the state with snow and bone chilling-cold from November through April with ice out happening sometime around mid- May.

Through the lens of my trail cameras I have been able to collect thousands of still photos and videos dating back to 2009. The data strip displaying the date/time, temperature and moon phase that is stamped on every image allows for comparison of days and times throughout the past ten years. Images that are compiled on SanDisk cards show when seasons have begun to change from Spring’s life-awakening arrival to Winter’s deep freeze. This is why I refer to my photo gallery as “Nature’s Notebook“. I have been able to view many different wildlife such as Moose, Deer, Fisher, Raven, Weasel, Fox, and Turkey while they are oblivious they are being photographed. I refer to this process as my spy system. They do notice the box strapped to the tree and in many photos show their curiosity to the unnatural object in their environment. The images I have been able to collect are only possible without interference from human presence. My gallery of photos and videos are on my Instagram account CamoCamPics. Feel free to visit my site as I try to post images daily.

I am currently working a project where I chose a random day and compare what was happening on that day going back as many years as I have in my collection. As you can imagine, after mounting cameras for approximately 10 years, I have an extensive compilation of SD cards which I have catalogued by date. Through this study, we can not only discover what was going on in front of the lens of my camera on that day, but also how the cameras have progressed and advanced in their clarity and technology features. Stay Tuned!!

I have attached a few of my lastest images from my “camera pulls” of the Winter of 2018/2019. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

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