Our Story

The story of Your Lens Into The Wild started approximately six years ago when a particular woodlot in Oxford County, Maine become available for purchase. This 60-acre forest is home to many different wildlife species in addition to its rich character of rock walls and free flowing springs that inhabit this area.  Shortly after acquiring this piece of property,  we started mounting camoflauge cameras in the trees in hopes to see firsthand the beauty in the nature happening here that we could only imagine existed while we were off living our busy lives.  In this picture there is the start of a bubbling natural spring which turns into a river that will eventually contribute to Maine’s surrounding lakes region.  This particular trail camera is  motion-only based which makes us wonder what triggered this magnificent shot.  We can only guess that it could have been the falling snow or  a bird.  Whatever the reason, it is the first photo we captured and now the magical journey of “what will the next picture be” began.   The unique feature about camo-cams  is you never know what the next shot will be.  Follow me on this wonderful adventure and together we can learn through the lens of these cameras about the wonders of nature.


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